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27 mai 2008
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Spacemaker : Surfin' times

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27 mai 2008

Past eras are revisited by transposing them onto our current aspirations – a very sexy British 70’s world with The Avengers’ News, a graphic and off-beat post-rock 80’s with Indies, an accumulation of military décor and style which marked the end of the 80’s with Dances with Horses and finally, the use of knit and the sailor style that we loved so much in the 90’s with Sweet Arctic.

It is the mixture of eras that reflects our strong desire to bring us back to the past. However, it is not a rehash of what has been seen before but an entirely new interpretation that has been largely inspired by today.

It is in this way, and it is the season’s second leitmotiv, that all the themes have been touched with an evident aestheticism, which is the result of our desire to make things attractive and in doing so, make everyday items more pleasing to the eye.

Even in the dusty, bitter context of a theme like Dances with Horses, the desire to make things attractive is very present and is interpreted as much in the beauty of movements as in the chosen harmonies or images.

Likewise, the ethnic-primitive world of Primal Arts is not simple or plain but enriched with noble fabrics and sophisticated details.

Finally, in The Others in the Castle, a serene baroque style is created, devoid of embellishments, at the dawn of a new revival.

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