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2 oct. 2008
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FashionMag.com : Stitch adopts XXL size for winter 2008-2009

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2 oct. 2008

Envy of heat and comfort ? After the big wave of the fine and soft cashmere, for winter 2008-2009, the big stitch makes a noticed comeback. The creators and brands of ready-to-wear adopted and re-appropriate multiple manners. FashionMag.com proposes you three different propositions.

Revised the poncho operates a return to pass winter in a warm place. Knit stitch is thick and colored, For a very new urban silhouette walking to the macadam.

Collars growing up to wrap the body. Voluminous, soft and XXL, they come to enhance a feminine silhouette.

More sophisticated, the stitch also goes in dress. Here, the material is growing and comes to wrap the body such a protection. Comfortable, she goes with thick tights for a very graphic silhouette.

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