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20 mai 2021
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Trendzoom: Colour Forecast - Spring/Summer 2022

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20 mai 2021

As the world recovers from the effects of the pandemic, colour has the power to reassure us with familiar neutral shades and transport us with joy-infused brights.

Colours for 2022 guide us into this new season with 40 shades set to dominate the fashion and accessories scene for women, men and youth sectors.


Within the main palette are KEY6 shades, which will have the strongest impact on the season. One of the six is RUSH, a saturated red/orange, which evokes a rush of excitement and energy. This intense shade is powerful enough to boost neutral or core colours and holds its own against other saturated shades - use in statement pieces or as a highlight in surface patterns or details.


This is a selection of 10 shades which are the hard-working colours for timeless, sophisticated designs across the board. Neutrals step into the fashion spotlight for head-to-toe looks or work together in versatile groups. Darker red, brown, blue and olive are key transeasonal shades with Mid-century-modern vibes.


Colour is shaped by a surge of positive energy and self expression. Saturated shades have the ability to uplift and positively impact the mood. Colour combinations are confident and ready to be seen. Soft pink-cast neutrals cushion the impact of saturated colours and add a sense of emotion and warmth.


The concept centres around relationships and the colour builds on this theme of connection. Nature-based shades dominate and a trio of greens evoke the feeling of being outdoors. Combinations of earthy browns and soft neutrals with orange, pink and blue provide contemporary contrasts.

A clear sense of creativity and a futuristic vision fuels this colour selection. Colours create striking contrasts and tonal connections. The palette provides unexpected contrasts between the warmth of red, pink and purple tones and the cool effects of neutral shades.

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The TRENDZOOM Colour Forecast is a comprehensive 26-page report published: January, 2021.

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