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25 mai 2021
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Trendzoom: Concept Forecast Spring/Summer 2022

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25 mai 2021

The world has been shaken by forces beyond our control. This has left us humbled but also resilient and determined.

We have witnessed the fields of science and technology motivated to achieve incredible things. This kind of determination will activate a creative streak across the design industries that will fuel innovation and push towards a circular economy.

The report looks at the driving influences from the creative sector, science and technology and the cultural and social shifts that could impact fashion brands.  The new season will be unlike any other RISE, COEXIST and VISION are the three themes that we explore to guide us forward. 

A post-pandemic wave of relief restores energy and results in a rush for new experiences, mood-boosting adventures and fun pursuits. At the same time we acknowledge how important our home environment is. This will continue to be a priority with a strong focus on interiors with a positive vibe.

Coexist looks at ways to develop a better relationship with the planet and connect with our environment. It’s about nurturing our unique ecosystem and building a community with a shared sense of responsibility and commonality.

Restrictions and confinement experienced during the pandemic have given us a better understanding of technology and how it can best serve us. This shift encourages intelligent design and mindful production - a new vision filled with contemporary long-lasting products and adaptable or modular aspects.

Get more than inspiration - get involved in the real changes happening in fashion.

The TRENDZOOM Concept Forecast is a comprehensive 19-page report published: January, 2021.

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