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5 juil. 2021
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Vintage Jewellery Trends (Fashion for Breakfast)

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5 juil. 2021

The world of jewellery never ceases to amaze, especially when the bling of earrings, rings and necklaces enhances the magic touch of the vintage style, which enriches every accessory with history and preciousness.

Today we are going back in time, with a focus on the most iconic and unattainable jewels that still inspire collections today: those created by the greatest stylists of all times who, thanks to their opulence and the luxury that they evoke, were (and are) able to steal the scene on runways around the world.

Let’s begin with Dior and the iconic logo with the initials “CD”: a detail that makes all the difference and immediately draws attention. The maxi gold chain interrupted by the two initials becomes the starring accessory of the looks, yet the same chain in a smaller version is also featured on bracelets or in a reduced version to wear very elegantly, partially concealed by your shirt collar. Earrings and rings as well, always none other than gold, feature various revisitations of the logo in modern looks.

Also in the regal world of gold, and looking at a brand that turned gold accessories into a timeless symbol: Versace. Back then, like today, in the brand’s shows, jewellery has always played a crucial role: starting with the iconic Medusa head, chosen by Gianni Versace as the logo for the fashion house, which features in relief on precious medallions, chains and earrings. The key concept is over-the-top: cascades of showy gold jewels turn the models of yesterday and today into powerful Greek goddesses or princesses of ancient Egypt.

And speaking of jewellery, how could we not mention Chanel? This maison walks the fine line between past and present, re-proposing the art of creating unique jewels suitable for every era, at every show. The coloured stones set in golden jewels are back from the brand’s style of the ‘80s and are re-invented for the looks of the most modern runways: we have fun and shiny red, green or pink stones decorating belts, necklaces, earrings or showy bracelets, so as to bring out (without ever going over-board) sophisticated and classy femininity even more, which has always been Chanel’s symbol.

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