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23 mars 2022
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Nouvel Amour - Spring/Summer 2023 (Studio Annflor Sangan)

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23 mars 2022

A Genius appeared, of ineffable beauty, even unspeakable. The promise of a multifaceted and complex love emerged from his physiognomy and maintenance! Untold happiness, unbearable even.
"Arthur Rimbaud"

 The past and present come together in this new expression of style. With our ever-changing world, it is hard to keep constants, but we can always count on love. New love is inclusive of all people and shows we can find similarities through fashion.

With this trend, we celebrate the LGBTQ community. I chose fresh pastels and playful brights to represent this fun-loving trend. These colours remind us how powerful our differences can be when moulded together through new love.

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