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6 avr. 2022
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Joy Division - Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 (Next Look)

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6 avr. 2022


An intrinsic fitting title for this topic! The fact that a post-punk band had to give their name for it seems rather weird. Because these garments are anything far from cooling, on the contrary, they are very, very hot!

If there's one surface that stands out this summer, it's the skin! All textiles only seem to serve to accentuate and bring it into the limelight. Cut-outs are this season's go for. Found in all conceivable shapes and designs. Often knotted or only fixed with a ribbon, they look like filigree constructs held by ghost hands. The numerous bare bellies in the classic collections also provide similarly breathtaking glimpses. Hot pants and mini skirts also reveal lots of skin! This new joie de vivre defines with sparsely fabric, bright colours and lots of print & patterns. Besides bringing back memories of the clubs and party culture in the 90s: rave festivals, Ibiza styles and beach parties: Capri trousers, spaghetti tops, Lycra catsuits, bomber jackets and bat-sleeved sweaters hint at the wearing occasions.

Even the fabrics puts you in a party mood: The use of lots of stretch and jerseys underline the current bodycon feel. These are joined by pearl and sequin embroidered surfaces, coloured patent leather, lurex and latex. Bleached, light types of denim emphasise the theme’s casualness.

Prints & Patterns range from animal prints, jungle motifs to multicolour stripes and tie dye gradiations.
The accessories underline the look with sexy high heels, bijoux-decorated sandals, metal coated carryalls, beach shoppers and saddlebags. Beach caps and extroverted aviator glasses also belong to the party!

Text by Gabriele Orsech
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