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25 avr. 2022
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Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends - Autumn/Winter 2023-24 (ItaltexTrends)

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25 avr. 2022

The Italtex trend on colours and fabrics for Menswear Autumn/Winter 2023/24 contains the bases for planning your new collection: colour trends, complete fabric trend for sports men's wear fabrics - woven, knitted, jacquard - pictures on fabric usage suggestions and description of key elements of each theme.

Apparently regular geometric motifs in a jacquard pullover. Checks of different dimensions on womenswear wool structures for long or bomber jackets plus a wool and blends coat to pair with highly daring cotton with a shiny PU coating. Loopy yarn plays in jacquard structures creating macro houndstooth patterns.

Moretta wool is the wool yarn resulting from selecting the natural colours of sheep fleece, thus naturally sustainable. The resulting patterns have an old-fashioned but very refined look like that of the tartan to pair with a milled coat or a felted knit with textured waves.

Monochrome bold structures for the cover coat and the honeycomb jackets teamed with slightly felted jacquard-stitch knits. Not wool, yet recycled cotton is the material for the natural tone shirt-weight jacquard in a washed-out finish.

Bold, contrasting colours teamed with classic black & white for multicolour wool mixture checks to wear on stretch knit leggings and a black pure cotton Japanese sweater.
Balance twill multicolour tartan shacket. Pixel pattern Gobelin fancy coat and micro-texture jacquard knits marry a bonded chenille fabric and bold print jersey.

The whole trend is available at the Italtex Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends Autumn/Winter 2023/24

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