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25 mai 2022
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Livetrend: Instagram Update Dresses - Spring/Summer 23

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25 mai 2022

Gorgeous forms for female empowerment. Seductive and gentle dress styles are referential for anything feminine and are pulsating across the feeds of influencers to enhance their womanhood. Body-hugging fits and nostalgic mini-styles openly emphasize the female form, while romanticized bohemian dresses and flowing volumes resonate femininity in a more delicate look. The latest highlights include longer halter dress, ever-more Y2K minis, creative kaftans and gentle knitted throw-ons. Similarly, Jacquemus-inspired wrapped shirt-dresses, explore their commercial potential.

In terms of details, form-giving elements are in focus. Gathering and smocking are gaining relevance for modern slim-line silhouettes. Body liberating cut-outs center around the waist and back, to be adorned with floss strings or intricate chains this season. Asymmetry surprises through wrapped design elements or experimental necklines enriching dresses with a modern edge.

The data displayed in the report describes the Instagram visibility growth year on year. Find a selection of 5 trending silhouettes and 5 trending details below to align your upcoming assortments:

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