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24 août 2011
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Patternpeople : Artist | Andy Gilmore

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24 août 2011

The top image here has been on our walls for ages. It came from Wallpaper magazine, and each triangle represents a color that was used in the Spring 11 collections. The effect of the poster is optical, graphic, and eye-dazzling. Why it took me so long to look up this artist, I’ll never know, but his digital work is amazing. He has illustrated loads of features in magazines and newspapers (usually tech-y stories, with the exception of the Wallpaper poster.) Click on a pic to go to his website.


Courtesy of Patternpeople.

Pattern People is a surface print studio based in Portland, Oregon. Here, Jessie and Claudia, along with some amazing contributing artists, create artwork for apparel and interior companies.
For more info please check the constantly updated blog or write to [email protected]

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