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1 juil. 2015
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Modical: RGB Planet SS 2016

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1 juil. 2015

Hyper-nature. Aquatic world and deep-sea creatures. Nature and technology. Natural and artificial worlds. Supernatural flora and fauna. Botany under the microscope. Dark, captivating atmosphere illuminated by bio-luminescence and chemical light. Digital life.

RGB Planet

Exotic leathers: manta-ray, python, lizard and shark skins. Soft and smooth leathers. Metallic leathers. Perforated, mesh-like leathers. 3D reliefs. Pearly finishes. Sequined textiles. Double-face neoprene. Transparent and translucent vinyl. Glossy satins. Summer jacquards and tweeds. Nets and meshes. Linen, cotton and nylon. Threads that shine in the dark. Stacking up of precious stones, microscopic lace, tortoiseshell pieces with encapsulated elements. Opalescent buckles in sinuous shapes. Leather or vinyl fringes. Knots, bows and organic pleats.

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