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27 juin 2016
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Geraldine Wharry: Vision 2016: Girl Gangs

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27 juin 2016

The future generation of women is making their mark even before they’ve left high school with a mix of warrior attitude and feminine spark. Think Tank Girl meets Bikini Kill. 
Teen girls are choosing to change the world against a backdrop of socio-political and economical uncertainty by taking matters of equality, expression and women’s rights into their own hands.

They are leading the way of the future but also very much living in the moment, making their presence known through music, art, writing, social media and fashion.
With a mixture of socio-political awareness and existential teen nonchalance they signify the rebirth of full fledge feminism and a call to be heard, acknowledged, seen and respected. 

To understand and speak to this movement of teen girls, we look at some of the key influencers, what is inspiring them, their values and what they represent for the future.
Access the full article and image gallery of research references here.

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