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9 août 2016
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Vision 2016: 90s Rave (Geraldine Wharry)

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9 août 2016

Clothing trends in the dance music scene have come and gone through the years. Ever since raves appeared in England in the late 80s, fashion trends have  been through countless evolutions. By the early 90s, the rave subculture was spreading globally and redefining the new club look.

The general look was bright and bold with iconic symbols such as hearts, psychedelic imagery and smiley faces. The proportions were very baggy and details included straps and buckles to facilitate the use of toy whistles and glow sticks.

So why is this style coming back? Through the sea of global unification in fashion and a tinge of sameness, are we entering a new era of extravagant individual self-expression?
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