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24 oct. 2016
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Trendzoom: Fashion Trend & Colour Forecast S/S 18

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24 oct. 2016

This exciting introduction to the new season brings together original multidisciplinary research and detailed catwalk analysis. This research leads into trend pages full of actionable fashion information. This forecast issue is your essential guide to the season.
The following sample pages are taken from a 121-page report published: Sep 03, 2016.

The three themes are:
COMPONENT, which looks at the symbolism and expression in clothing with identifiable signs or familiar aspects.
WONDERLUST, recreates the feeling of wonder and awe in the natural world, and the excitement and lust for travel.
SHUFFLE, focuses on the remixers who bring a fresh eclecticism to design.

In our research pages we explore what’s happening culturally in music, books, photography, architecture, interior design, art, films and video and translate the influence of science, technology and food.

The research is then channeled into three main themes, which expand into actionable trend pages. This detailed analysis outlines the future shape of fashion.

The report covers information for apparel and accessory markets and is grouped into women, men and youth areas. Pages are focused on construction, surface pattern, silhouette, fabrics and detail.

The final section contains a complete colour map and outlines the core colours, essential highlights and creative combinations for each of the three S/S 18 themes.

Styling pages define the important colour combinations to use in fashion, and highlight key shades for the three S/S 2018 themes.

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