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28 nov. 2016
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Italtex: Shirting Colour Trend S/S 2018

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28 nov. 2016

Each season we present 4 colour concepts for shirting with their palette and Pantone® TCX references, evocative images, colour harmonies and exclusive fabric designs studied for the trend. Our research for Spring/Summer 2018 has driven us to identify these moods: COOL, EXPLORER, COAST, CARIBBEAN. 

Concerning the first group, the COOL range is made of clean, fresh shades for a city style usage, where water colours merge harmoniously.

Shirting Colour Trend S/S 2018 - Italtex

Pink comes back, as an alternative to the reassuring lilac, while pale blue stands out when combined with bright green.

Shirting Colour Trend S/S 2018 - Italtex

Concerning the possible combinations between the different colours of the palette, this printed shirt is an example of a harmonious way to do it.

Shirting Colour Trend S/S 2018 - Italtex

while the yarn dyed shirt below is an excellent interpretation on how to balance the colours in a striped pattern.

Shirting Colour Trend S/S 2018Italtex

Italtex: To browse the pictures of the COOL mood and the evocative images of the other concepts go to our SHIRTING TRENDS.

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