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25 janv. 2017
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Stardust Trend's S/S 2018

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25 janv. 2017

For next season the trends are united by the common denominator of interior research and introspection. Four different ways of probing our capacity in being ourselves, four ways to discover again the taste of the uniqueness of our deepest essence. The strength of the proposals are moreover the matchings of images and materials, arousing a real and effective emotional meltdown. That is the necessary spark to give life to every creative process starting from those trends.

The added value of the Stardust trend book is the capacity to activate creative paths; not only through the sight, but even through the sense of touch. This is an extraordinary plus, thinking about the huge amount of bi-dimensional digital images which we are saturated.

The present Stardust wants to reflect and make reflect on the opportunity of thinking the creative process as the outcome of the integration of the senses.  Not only images, but a waterfall of innovative materials, wisely mixed using emotional impactful techniques. To the final user remains the beauty of experiencing the contents and the suggestion of this volume, according to his personal inclination.

Stardust Trend's S/S 2018

A kaleidoscope of pastel colours, candies becoming shells and glittered fauna. An imaginary suitable in designing and dressing the next spring-summer according to carefree and innovative choices.

Stardust Trend's S/S 2018

It’s a rainy forest, ancestral and actual for the same reason, symbol of our complicated contemporaneity  hung between intuition and magic.

Stardust Trend's S/S 2018

There is not contradiction between nature and civilization. The concrete sign of this peace is art, cultural process of abstraction (from Latin “pull out”) of natural data.

Stardust Trend's S/S 2018

It’s spring manifold fantasy, restless even if humanity will cut every flower in the world. The mood describes the magic of the moment enclosing a petal’s eternity.

Stardust trend book Spring/Summer 2018 is a complete journey in four different moods - Wonderland, Secret rainy forest, A.S.I.C.A.F., Timeless Flowers - to describe the next spring-summer trends.

The final outcome is an unique result of the research and the passion Nicoletta Lanati gives in Star Dust editions since years.

For more information email us at [email protected] or visit: https://starlightsrls.wordpress.com/.

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